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Exactly about : Theories associated with the MKULTRA Sex Kitten

Exactly about : Theories associated with the MKULTRA Sex Kitten

Fritz Springmeier’s guide on head control details plenty of the so-called connections to the MKULTRA subprogram called venture MONARCH. This subprogram is speculated to produce head russian mail order brides alters in its victims to allow them to sexually get violated and abused.

Terms like “Purr in my situation kitten” would be the trigger declaration that flips the alter’s internal switch (*which Cathy O’Brien additionally stated in her own guide about the subject).

Web sites like HollywoodSubliminals have actually published about that concept in past times (numerous cite Fritz Springmeier’s guide about them)

Beta is called “sexual” programming (slaves). This development eliminates all learned ethical convictions and promotes the instinct that is primitive devoid of inhibitions. “Cat” alters can come down only at that degree.

Referred to as Kitten development, it’s the many noticeable variety of development as some feminine superstars, models, actresses and vocalists have now been put through this type of development. In popular culture, clothes with feline prints frequently denote Kitten development.

Cathy O’Brien’s Tranceformation of America guide details her horrific allegations against much talked about individuals who had been in on these abuses. She stated that President Reagan would refer to her repeatedly while the ‘kitten’- a guide towards the change that could be mistreated for intimate satisfaction.

Cagey Allegations

Further into Fritz’ guide, he alleges cages that are human the victims:

The Monarch Mind Control had been carried away in big airplane hangers regarding the base which were able to house tens of thousands of small cages simply big enough for human being babies. A lot of 1,000 infants had been a little batch. Relating to those who worked into the hangers assisting program, numerous batches had been 2,000 or 3,000 infants. Continue reading