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Sherlock: 34 nerdy details from The Abominable Br >

Sherlock: 34 nerdy details from The Abominable Br >

We’ve scoured the scenes of Sherlock special, The Br that is abominable >

Warning: contains spoilers for The Abominable Bride.

If, by the full time Sherlock unique The Bride that is abominable came, your usually-shining abilities of observation was dulled by New Year’s indulgence, never worry.

We’ve hunted round the episode with (mostly) clear minds and came across a few enjoyable titbits, from Wilder the Diogenes butler, to create design jokes, nods to Doyle’s initial tales, Paget’s pictures, past Sherlock episodes and more…

1. This pupil that is dilatedwe would recommend Cumberbatch’s instead than Freeman’s?) is the initial hint-in-hindsight that what’s to follow involves narcotics. Continue reading